Pressure Cleaning St. Augustine, FL

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Pressure Cleaning St. Augustine, FL

Styles Power Wash is the complete Pressure Cleaning St. Augustine Company. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured, as well as family owned and operated since 1992. Our technicians are professionals that provide an exceptional pressure cleaning service. We don’t stop there – we are also well known for our courtesy and helpfulness with every client.

Your home is your most important investment. Styles Power Wash offers the homeowners of St. Augustine a number of services. We provide gutter cleaning, conduct house washing, expert window cleaning, as well as clean concrete. It’s easy to overlook the importance of cleaning things like gutters, but clogged gutters can contribute to the development of mold and sometimes even structural damage.

We are experts at cleaning sidewalks and driveways, which will help them last longer, look a lot better and continue to work efficiently. Cleaning the surfaces of your property is more than just blasting away dirt. Your concrete may become stained from oil and grease, and will require our expert Pressure Cleaning St. Augustine services.

When the time comes for washing your windows, Styles Power Wash is here to get the job done right the first time. Window Cleaning is often neglected because of the inconvenience, inaccessibility or the risk of climbing ladders. Our Pressure Cleaning St. Augustine service will get your windows exceptionally clean.

Washing houses is not simply blasting away with a pressure hose. Every house is different. An effective house wash must take into account the materials used in construction, the proximity of other structures, and the nature of the roof. Roofs with shingles may be damaged by high-pressured washes, so Styles Power Wash uses a soft wash on shingles and tiles.

Regular inspection, washing and cleaning of gutters, windows, utility surfaces and structures will help prevent damage, and will keep your most important investment looking good. Styles Power Wash can conduct these services monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Our commercial cleaning service cleans business structures, walkways, parking spaces, and surfaces nearby to make your business look clean and inviting. Pressure Cleaning St. Augustine cleans more than your business building. Businesses in St. Augustine know how important first impressions are and go to Styles Power Wash for complete pressure cleaning services St. Augustine.

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Our Recent Projects

Detached Garage Before Power washing

Detached Garage After Power washing

House before power wash

House after power wash

House front door before power washing

House front door after power washing

Side of house before power wash

House after Power washing

House before Power washing

Stone front house after pressure washing

Stone front house before pressure washing

side of front porch before power wash

side of front porch after power wash